Wednesday, April 28, 2010


There are ways to get more for less and then there are ways to get even more and stay within the parameters of the rules....

I have a fun family project for you, your spouse, kids, neighbor kids... whoever you can grab to go to the store with you!

Of course, you have to realize that the word "FUN" is relative to whomever you may enlist. My kids, for example, considered this a project quite unworthy of mentioning to anyone that they have ever known or might even consider knowing for the rest of their lives! They humor me anyway...

Some stores, as you may know, double or triple certain coupons. There are also different stipulations for different stores. One store I go to will double coupons up to .50, and triple up to .39. However, you can only use 3 of the same coupon per transaction. Another lets you use 4. But if there's a super great deal, why stop at only 3 or 4, right? Awhile back, Cottonelle toilet paper was on sale for $1 for a 4-pack. I also had a .25 coupon that my store will triple, making the TP only .25 each 4-pack.

So on the way to take my kids and a couple of their friends where they needed to go, I made a stop. They filed in, I passed them 3 coupons each and a dollar bill so that each of us could purchase 3 packages of Cottonelle. I have to tell you...My son said to me, "Mom, why do we need all of this toilet paper?" I believe they think there must be a toilet paper fairy that magically replaces the rolls as they disappear!

Now you don't always have to kidnap the neighborhood. There are other less attention-getting ways to get more for less. But believe me, you can get creative and save a lot with just a little bit of ingenuity.

So I paid $4.50 for 72 rolls of toilet paper. That should do us for a bit!

As always, just email me or post on this blog with any questions you may have. We can all use a little help to make life run a little smoother.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jack In the Box B1G1 Free Coupon!

Knowledge...What Does It Cost?

We've all heard "knowledge is power." In the couponing world, knowing your store policy can give you great freedom and help you save more, or it can really cost you and even ruin your future saving endeavors.

Basically, don't abuse the system. Your goal should be to take the tools available, then use them properly and according to design. This will give you maximum results without causing problems with your store management. Believe it or not, they are our friends!

One store that I frequent has had to revise their self-check procedure because of people trying to use expired coupons. Ouch! Please be reasonable. Some stores do have a policy to accept coupons that have expired up to a certain number of days (usually 1 or 2), and that's great! Just find out first. . .

The store is probably taking the hit and not receiving the manufacturers refund, but they've decided it's worth it for them. However, when a few selfish people decide to take advantage of the system, it can ruin it for everyone.

Get to know the managers and show them by your courtesy and cooperative behavior that you can be trusted. They may even give you a heads up on special shipments that are coming in!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Save On Gas When You Buy Groceries!

You might be asking, "What does saving money on groceries have anything to do with the gas prices?" Well, let me tell you... I’m always amazed at the people who don’t realize this money saving tip. I receive 10 cents off per gallon on gas several times a month. *See below for example. That adds up to some nice savings!

Consider the gas stations at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. Gas prices there are usually lower than the market average. Here are some money saving tips that you might not be aware of:

  • Check out store discount cards. At some grocery stores, including Wal-Mart stores, you can save 3 cents a gallon when you use their discount card.
  • It's important to ALWAYS check your cash register receipt and those sometimes annoying extra advertisements that print out at the register. They sometimes offer fuel discounts and coupons that you might overlook if you're not careful.
  • Also ask store personnel if they have special promotions available for their fuel centers. These promotions are available at selected stores across the country. You can find information in store advertisements and on their Web sites.
  • Store promotions often reward shoppers with additional discounts on gas when they spend a minimum amount on groceries.
For example, shoppers can save 10 cents per gallon of gas if they spend $50 or $100 at their store sometimes in one trip, or within a given month. You either receive a coupon or the discount will be automatically programmed on your store discount card. I always love it when I can tell my husband that the gas I pumped in my car that day was 10 cents per gallon cheaper than all the gas prices around.

Some stores that offer these discounts are Kroger, Albertsons, Giant Eagle, and Tom Thumb/Randall/Safeway stores. It's different in certain parts of the country. So just ask at your store.

So there you have get out their and shop....and save on gas while you're at it!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning Deals!

I don't know about you, but every time I go to the grocery store, I see more and more higher prices and I'm about fed up!
But my problem is how do I get the word out to all of those people out there to let them know there is a better (and cheaper) way! You see, I'm the kind of person that will see a mom with 4 kids in the store putting something in her basket, hand her some extra coupons I have for that item and then let her know about the great deal they have on aisle 9!

It's just a matter of gaining knowledge and putting that knowledge into action... Do you know that billions of manufacturers coupons are printed every year, but less than 2% are actually used? There is a goldmine at our fingertips and in this economy I think we could all use a little gold! Don't you think?

Also remember, there's much more to consider..

When we say groceries, most people immediately think "food" and they would be only partly correct!

However, if you want to save a bundle, but don't think the quality of food coupons meets your needs, think about all of the "other" items that you purchase at the grocery store or drug store.

The list is unlimited! There are paper goods, cleaning products, personal care items, pet foods and supplies as well as baby products. I also like to donate to local charities. So when I have opportunity to load up on non-perishables, that's always an excellent way to do it without breaking the grocery budget.

It's Spring and a great time to load up on all the specials on cleaning products for your Spring-cleaning projects as well!

Let me kow if you have any questions or comments. I'll be glad to help in any way that I can.

For a detailed, step-by-step guide to coupon shopping, I have a 2-hour training on CD called the Coupon Detective Academy. For this extensive in-depth training and continued support CLICK HERE  or on the Academy ad in the right hand column.

There you will find all of the details and information about the Coupon Detective Academy. Make sure to read the testimonials about a client that saved over $90 on her very first shopping trip after going through the training course!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

When Is The Best Time To Shop?

To help answer a question one subscriber asked, I like to do most of my shopping on Monday. It is towards the end of the sales week (most stores in my area run specials Weds through Tues) and I've picked up my coupons from this week's paper to use. Your stores sales may run differently.

Early morning is also a nice, relatively crowd-free time to shop. I always get my shopping done quite a bit faster if I can make it to the store by 8:30 or 9 in the morning. I really hate to shop when I have to wade through mayhem and noise!

But keep an eye out for Sunday specials! A lot of stores have "Sunday only" specials. If I don't have time to do my bulk shopping on Sunday but I know there's a really great deal like $.99 bread or eggs, sometimes I'll run in just for those special items.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday!

Spring has finally sprung here in the great state of Texas! The parks are full of people, dogs, activity and fun! I love watching the colors transform the surroundings...time to get to my flower garden!!!  But first.... It's Monday....time to set the week's menu and head to the grocery store. So here we go!

MONDAY:  Boy's Night Out and Girl's Night Out...It's not very often that we are able to do this, but everybody's schedules worked out so that our 2 sons could go out with Dad and our "not so little anymore" daughter and Mom are having dinner out together. Relationships are important! Don't forget to make special times together. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, just make time...

TUESDAY: Slow Cooker Spicy Chicken in Peanut Sauce     Mixed veggies and Salad                                    
WEDNESDAY:  Leftover Extravaganza (or as my kids say..."whatever you want")

THURSDAY:  Beefy Tortilla Casserole (one of my favorite spices is Cumin and this recipe is easy and tasty!)

FRIDAY: Hamburger Helper!  My husband and I have a dinner invitation, so I keep boxes of Hamburger Helper for my kids on hand because they are often on sale.(Hamburger Helper, not my kids!) The kids love it and are old enough to cook it up themselves, no problem!

SATURDAY: BarBQ Chicken on the grill - Kraft BBQ sauce is on sale at Albertsons this week! You pay just .25 cents each with coupons that are on or near the product at the store! No clipping necessary!
Pasta and Alfredo sauce - Last week I bought "Classico Four Cheese Alfredo" sauce that was on sale. Coupons made it a fantastic deal! So we are going to try it out with some Penne Pasta! And...Green Beans
SUNDAY: Resurrection Sunday! Have a Blessed Day!!