Thursday, April 22, 2010

Knowledge...What Does It Cost?

We've all heard "knowledge is power." In the couponing world, knowing your store policy can give you great freedom and help you save more, or it can really cost you and even ruin your future saving endeavors.

Basically, don't abuse the system. Your goal should be to take the tools available, then use them properly and according to design. This will give you maximum results without causing problems with your store management. Believe it or not, they are our friends!

One store that I frequent has had to revise their self-check procedure because of people trying to use expired coupons. Ouch! Please be reasonable. Some stores do have a policy to accept coupons that have expired up to a certain number of days (usually 1 or 2), and that's great! Just find out first. . .

The store is probably taking the hit and not receiving the manufacturers refund, but they've decided it's worth it for them. However, when a few selfish people decide to take advantage of the system, it can ruin it for everyone.

Get to know the managers and show them by your courtesy and cooperative behavior that you can be trusted. They may even give you a heads up on special shipments that are coming in!


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