Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to TRULY get more for your Money!!

This is a great time of year and I love the changing seasons (although in Texas where I live, if you didn't like the weather today, just wait a minute, it's fixin' to change!)...I also love great deals!

There are many things that you may not be aware of that are great money savers you receive as a couponer. Did you know that you can often purchase an item that actually costs less than the discount you get for the coupon?

Let me explain...
For instance, my store had "Weber Grill Marinade" on sale for $.89 each. I also purchased a package of pork chop steaks on special at $1.00/lb. (I used the Peppercorn marinade and put them on the grill....they were fabulous!) Anyway, back to the marinade. I had a coupon for $.50 which my store doubles. So they took $1.00 off at the register for my $.89 product. I bought 10 packages of the marinade, so I actually made $1.30 on that purchase!  

...That went to help pay for the jar of pickles that my son dropped on the garage floor...oh well, we can't be perfect!

I saved over $93.00 this week at the grocery store and spent $72.00 for my family of 5! And let me tell you, my teenagers can eat like nobody's business!!

Kroger is still having their awesome "March to Savings" special where you get $4 back when you purchase 8 items from selected merchandise. There's lots to choose from and coupons to match for SUPER savings!


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