Monday, March 22, 2010

Easy Menu Week!

I really  have been trying to get my menu plan posted earlier....Maybe next Monday I'll do better! :) Hope you enjoy these recipes! I planned a pretty easy menu for the week...enjoy!

Monday: Beef Stew - Now I must admit, I doctor this recipe a bit. I added a bit of spice with some Monterrey Steak spicy seasoning and a bit of Worcestershire sauce. Then I thickened the broth a tad by mixing a couple of TBS flour with water and adding it before serving.
Rotisserie Chicken on sale at the Albertson's deli. With veggies and biscuits

Loaded Baked Potatoes  - Adding toppings to everyones satisfaction!

Chicken Salad  Using left-over Rotisserie Chicken, boiled eggs, fresh veggies and the myriad of accumulated dressings we've gotten for free by COUPON SHOPPING!! And of course, home-made croutons (see post from Feb. 24th)

Pizza Hut - Having a special deal - $10 for any pizza, any toppings, any size!!

Saturday: Chicken Panini with Roasted Bell Pepper (I've used Rotisserie Chicken & left over Fajita Chicken and both are great!) I don't have a Panini Press, so I put the sandwiches in my electric skillet, put another pan on top with canned goods to weight it down and to press. Works awesome!

Sunday: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup


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